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I’m a beach lover by nature. It probably comes from growing up in SoCal, toes firmly planted in the sand. I believe that Sundays should be spent in the backyard, surrounded by family. When I say family, I’m also referencing friends; friends, family, and friends that are like family. If you can’t find me floating in a pool with a Pina colada, I’m at Disneyland. If I’m at Disneyland, I definitely have a red velvet cake pop in hand. I wouldn’t call myself a hoarder of things, but I am a hoarder of nostalgic moments in the form of concert ticket stubs and hand written notes. I believe that you can observe Wine O’Clock like you can Daylight Savings. It’s timed by the seasons...and my mood. The day chocolate and peanut butter were married should be treated like an actual holiday. I’m forever stuck between my favorite sweet treat, and joining my husband at the gym. Car dancing to Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake brings out a side of me only few get to witness. If you’re one of those that have seen this, I want to equally apologize and say you're welcome. I am fluent in sign language and believe that learning a second language can only help you bring more joy to the world. I’m secretly fantastic at building Lego castles, thanks to my daughter. I believe in three kisses hello, three kisses good-bye, and all the hugs you can handle. I am excited to share in this amazing photography journey with you!

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